Diamond Creek Trail
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On Monday, 14 November, we took the bull by the horns,
so to speak, and rode in to Flinders Street Station along
St Kilda Road.  This turned out to be dead easy with a bike lane
all the way.



First challenge was seeing how we would go on the train.
(Actually, the first challenge was getting down the escalator
to the platform.  Could have been interesting if we had
been fully loaded.)  Anyway, we found the end of one carriage
was fairly empty, but the bike had to be held all the time, especially
when the train was braking or accelerating.

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We took the train out to Eltham, had lunch, and then went
in search of the Diamond Creek Trail.  Did not take long to find it.


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Came to our first really decent sized bridge for our first
crossing of the Yarra.

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And then we came to a smaller one across a swampy area.

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The sign says it all.

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Don't know what he's looking at, but it must have been
fairly interesting.

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This was a tricky little descent with a steep, sharp curve.
Fun for tandems.


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This path was just so pleasant running through the bush,
keeping in mind the reminders to look out for snakes.


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Another really decent sized bridge over the Yarra.

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By now, at the Fairfield Park Boathouse, the stoker was really
feeling the heat.  A couple of VBs went down a treat.


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Unfortunately the VBs were not enough, so we had a couple of
strawberry smoothie chasers.

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The Fairfield Park Boathouse.

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Oh, what a lovely way to get on to a bridge.

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The Merri Creek Trail joins the Main Yarra Trail.

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Evening rush hour commuters heading out of town.

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