Beach Road


On Wednesday, 16 November, we rode the eastern
shore of the bay from St Kilda as far as Mentone.This is largely along
either a dedicated cycle path, or a shared one.  Being right on the
beach, there are no cross roads - all you need to watch for is the
odd driveway in to parking areas and parks  -  and other cyclists.
  It's about 20km of coastal cycling bliss.






Just to confuse the issue, this first shot has nothing to do with
this day's ride.  It is the view from a tram on Keilor Road.
The road is quite narrow with parked cars, a cycle lane,
very little room for cars, and then the tram tracks.
Who says you need wide roads to accomodate cycle lanes?

05111601[1].jpg (33985 bytes)










Anyway, back to the Bay.   Cycle path on the right, pedestrians
and photographers on the left. 
Motorists way out of sight to the right.

05111602[1].jpg (40927 bytes)










Because of the traffic on the path you need to stop frequently
to take in the view.

05111605[1].jpg (70442 bytes)







Big buildings and
little buildings at Middle Brighton.

05111604[1].jpg (53395 bytes)









Further down the coast there is a shared path.

05111603[1].jpg (29967 bytes)









Time for one of the long blacks I had said that we would
be having regularly.

05111606[1].jpg (126514 bytes)





Photos Margaret & John McK

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