Main Yarra Trail


On the 17th we rode the Capital City Trail.
We rode through Albert Park and down to the
waterfront, along to Port Melbourne and then followed
a bike path to Southbank.

The Capital City Trail follows the Main Yarra Trail as far
as Dights Falls and then goes up the Merri Creek to Rushall.
Here, the CC Trail follows an old railway formation heading west
through suburbia to Royal Park.  It then joins the Moonee Ponds Trail
and heads back to Docklands and Southbank.






Coming in to town the other day we rode the northern
side of the Yarra, so today we have chosen to take the
southern side as far as Grange Road.

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Taking in the view down the river.

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Much of the trail is nicely shaded.

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Here's another view of the bridge ramp we were on a couple
of days ago.

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The bridge takes the trail away from the river for a couple of km.

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When we returned to the river at the next bridge
it was a little challenging getting back down to
river level.

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A welcome lunch stop at the Children's Farm at Abbotsford.
(The sign middle left says, "Beware of Snakes")

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The chooks did not seem to worry about slithery things.

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It's not only young kids that want to pat the animals.

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Carrying on towards Merri Creek.

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Dights Falls, where Merri Creek joins the Yarra.

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Photos Margaret & John McK

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