The Auckland Cycle Touring Association Welcomes You

The Auckland Cycle Touring Association offers easy-paced, non-competitive rides. We have frequent coffee stops. (It was once suggested that the initials of the Club stood for “Auckland Coffee and Tea Association”.    However, “Away Cycling – To Adventure”  is equally fitting.)

There are frequent social events (pot luck) dinners, Christmas dinners, fun rides and we send out a regular rides program and newsletter.

The Annual Subscription is $20.00 per household.

The main ride of the week is run on Sundays.   These vary from 50km to around 100km and will generally keep you entertained up to about 4.30 pm.  On Saturdays, we have a coffee ride of about 40km and try to be finished at about 12.30 pm.   Further details of the club rides are on the Rides Page.

There is also the occasional long weekend away which could see us in places such as Matamata, Whangarei or Otorohanga.

We also have a couple of longer tours, up to around 14 days, usually in November and February/March.

REMEMBER – whatever you do, make sure it’s done on your bike.

Everyone is catered for.

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The Auckland Cycle Touring Association was formed on the 24 February 1949, and an invitation to all persons interested in cycle continues to this day with the club catering for cyclists interested in riding in the company of others. Currently, the Club has a membership of around 120 families or individuals.

At one stage the youngest member, who rode a tandem with her parents was 8 while the oldest was 84.