Moonee Ponds Trail
St Kilda Beach




In November, 2005 Margaret and John took their
tandem to Melbourne to explore some of the bike paths

They stayed the first day at Westmeadows, only about 10km
from Tullamarine, having ridden out to Auckland Airport about
5:30 a.m.

On Sunday, 13 November, they rode down the
Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, then followed bike lanes to
Port Melbourne and St Kilda.



Ready to leave our motel. Obviously, we would not normally
travel with back packs but as this ride was only about
40 km, and we would be staying in the one motel in St Kilda for the rest
of our trip, we decided to pack a few creature comforts.

05111308[1].jpg (97484 bytes)







Give me land, lots of land.......

05111303[1].jpg (51134 bytes)


Compare the above shot with the one below taken from
Google Maps - a fantastic web site.

We are heading south in the photo and the shot below
has south at the bottom.
You can see the motorway bridge, in the above shot in
the middle on the left and, below, you can see it at the bottom
of the shot.

05111301[1].jpg (77385 bytes)

We were able to check out just about the whole of the
path from these satellite images before we left home.
It was great fun bringing them to reality.








Approaching one of the two railway viaducts on the
standard gauge line leaving Melbourne.

05111304[1].jpg (68499 bytes)

In the satellite shot, it looks like the concreteing of the path had
not quite been completed.  We were riding on the right hand path.

05111302[1].jpg (59845 bytes)










The path heading towards town had a generally gentle
down hill grade.  There were no major obstacles
but we did have a couple of bends that were a bit tight on the
fully loaded tandem.


05111305[1].jpg (75813 bytes)









When the new toll road, from the airport through the middle
of Melbourne, was built the designers had the foresight
to allow for a cycle path underneath.


05111306[1].jpg (41984 bytes)








The Cow Up A Tree.

The Docklands area is currently being redeveloped.  This
quirky work of art depicts what happens so often in Australia
when it rains.

There was a lovely wide bike path running right through this area.


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Kite surfing at St Kilda Beach.


05111309[1].jpg (35997 bytes)









We have found our motel and unloaded the bike
so now it's time to relax in the sunshine.


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