East Cape, 2009

Hawai - Waihau Bay and Oruaiti Beach

1 November, 2009

Some of the Hawai camp gear may have been a bit old, but you could not
fault the bike stand.

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Getting ready to leave Hawai and head to the hills.
They are smiling now........

Camp Boss keeps an eye on us as we get ready.

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Photo: Margaret











Looking back towards Hawai from what was hopefully the top -
- it wasn't.  There was still more climbing to go.
But the view made it all worth while.

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Photo: Margaret










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The road takes a big swing inland to cross the Motu River.

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This one is looking to the mouth of the river.

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Morning tea - possibly at Whitianga.

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Photo: Margaret









Wherever.  It was delightful.

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Beef on the beach.

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Then we found a café at Te Kaha.
That meant pies, ice-creams and other yummy delicacies.

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Photo: Maurice









We had lunch at Whanarua Bay, where we found Pacific Coast Macadamias.
Their driveway left you in no doubt that they were in the macadamia business!!

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The shop was aptly named.

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Photo: Maurice











As well as selling all sorts of macadamia goodies - including macadamia and manuka honey
icecream - they had a beautiful garden where we were made most welcome.  It did not take us
long to get our food out for our main course, to be followed by a variety of macadamia desserts.

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Photo: Margaret

Pacific Coast Macadamias has a web site here.









Treasure Chest.
A chest of delicious macadamia ice creams.

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Photo: John G











We were welcome to stroll through the orchard and to take in the views over beautiful
Whanarua Bay.

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Photo: Margaret












The Anglican Church at Raukokore.
The church was built in 1894.

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Novel letterboxes at Orete.
Perhaps they are for receiving Hotmail.

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Waihau Bay - we are almost at the end of today's ride.
This evening we'll walk about 2.5 km back here to the pub for dinner.

When we arrived (18 of us, the youngest being just on the low side of 50, and none of us in cycling gear)
and said we were there for a meal we were told, "Sorry.  We can't help you.   We are fully booked out
by a group of cyclists."     We told them "That's us!!"    That put a surprised look on our hostess'
face!   She said, "O M G!  I was expecting a group of 20 year olds."

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Cabins at Oruaiti Beach Camping Ground.

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Photos: John McK, except those that aren't.




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