East Cape, 2009

East Cape

3 November, 2009

Today we became the most easterly cyclists in New Zealand.

It brought back memories of our 2006 tour when we were the
most northerly cyclists in NZ.





But first we had to visit the biggest pohutukawa tree in the world.

Te Waha o Rerekohu.
According to the sign (see next photo) it is more than 350 years old,
stands over 21 metres tall, and is 40 metres at its widest point.


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Te Waha o Rerekohu

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Coastal secenery just after leaving Te Araroa.

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Heading towards Horoera Point.

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Photo: Margaret









The gravel road was tricky in parts, and great in others.
We had expected 21 km of gravel, but found that about 7km
had been sealed.

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Photo: Margaret











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Rounding the base of Horoera Point.

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This was near the Cape and the gravel was becoming increasingly tricky,
with a good layer of round pebbles.  It was somewhat akin to
riding on ball bearings.

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Looking south from the East Cape Lighthouse.

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Photo: Margaret











Lunchtime at the light.

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Photo: Ed










Here we are, the most easterly people in NZ.
It is said that you are looking at yesterday out there in the haze.

The island is called Whangaokena or, rather unimaginatively, East Island.
The lighthouse used to be on the island, with three keepers' cottages.
Makes you wonder how they got it there.

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Downtown Te Araroa, mid Tuesday afternoon.

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A couple of interesting Te Araroa signs.


Not sure if there is a relationship between the image on the left
and the one on the right.

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This could only be the East Coast, surely!

09110314.JPG (51858 bytes)

( Anywhere else would have an apostrophe after "childrens" )










Afternoon muster.

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Photo: Margaret











Photos: John McK, except those that aren't.




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