East Cape, 2009


6 November, 2009





Today was a rest day in Gisborne where everyone was free to take off and do their own thing.
Some savoured the idea of a late, all-day, breakfast.
Others took off to the best coffee shop in Gisborne to put the world to rights.
The top of Kaiti Hill was high up in some peoples' list of things to do.
Museums and some of Gisborne's fine old houses also figured.






Young Nick discovers New Zealand.

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Captain Cook says, "It looks pretty good to me!!".

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And, ever since, ships have been visiting our shores.

This log carrier is where all our logging trucks were heading.  When we arrived
in Gisborne on Thursday afternoon the logs were hardly above the ship's side.

They loaded all night and this was about 10:30 am Friday.

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If you have to abandon ship, this looks like the fun way to do it.

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Gisborne City Council takes cyclists' health seriously.

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A rough montage of three shots of Gisborne from Kaiti Hill.

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The touring cyclists' nemesis.

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Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

It got dressed up and tropicafied  for Y2K when Gisborne was the first
city in the world to see in the new century.

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Some of Gisborne's attractive, older houses.

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Wyllie Cottage, built in 1872, is now the oldest house in Gisborne.

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This is what cycling is all about, right down to the almost flat rear tyre.

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Photos: John McK




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