East Cape, 2009

Gisborne to Matawai

7 November, 2009





I wonder if I need to put sun block on yet?

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Photo: John McK









Gathering of the troops before leaving Gisborne.

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Photo: Ed










Cycling on the Back Ormond Road, wondering where our wandering van driver has got to.

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Morning tea at Dymock Road.

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Photo: Ed









Bridge from days gone by.

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And Neale passes a tunnel from days gone by.  This was a relic from the days
when there was a railway from Gisborne to Moutohora.

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Photo: John G













Typical Matawai Road scenery.

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Typical ACTA lunch stop.

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Photo: John McK










Yeeha!   We have arrived at the Matawai Pub.

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Photos: Margaret L, except those that aren't.




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