It's Not About the Bike
(with apologies to Lance)

East Cape, 2009

Cycle touring involves many activities other than cycling.
Here are some examples:-




Some like to try skimming stones.

0910xx01.jpg (45893 bytes)

Photo:  Ed







Some build Halloween Monsters.
This work of art was created by Nigel.

0910xx02.JPG (42315 bytes)









Some go for a romantic walk along the beach - until the papparazzi see them.

0910xx03.JPG (32162 bytes)









Some take photos of the sunset.

0910xx04.JPG (21009 bytes)









This one thought he was related to Tarzan.

0910xx05.JPG (41189 bytes)

Photo: John G








This one couldn't help himself wowing the ladies
at the Kai Kart Kafé.

0910xx06.JPG (28365 bytes)

Photo: Margaret







I always wanted to be a pole-dancer!!.

0910xx07.JPG (16296 bytes)










Signs of a miss-spent youth.

0911xx09.JPG (29839 bytes)    0911xx10.JPG (33599 bytes)










Some went out and got tatts.










0911xx12.JPG (78545 bytes)   0911xx13.JPG (61368 bytes)

Only kidding!!

This was one of the locals working on the wharf at Tolaga Bay .
When asked if he would mind having his arm photgraphed he said,
"Hang on!  You can have the whole body!!" and promptly yanked his shirt off.








Some got a cuppa in bed.

0911xx14.JPG (21976 bytes)








And this one became very popular with his cordon bleu pancackes.

 0911xx15.JPG (33277 bytes)

Photo: John G









Some improved their cycling knowledge by reading Cycling +.

0911xx16.JPG (83848 bytes)








And there was always laundry waiting to be done.

0911xx17.JPG (55450 bytes)











However, when there is not enough room on the clothesline,
you have to make your own arrangements.

0911xx08.JPG (54017 bytes)













And, if all else fails, there is always the evening meal to look forward to.

0911xx11.JPG (112927 bytes)












Photos: John McK, except those that aren't.


Some unquotable quotes which may, or may not, have been uttered by those to whom they are attributed.

JB: Give us a kiss then.
Lesley: You are disgusting!
Margaret: I want to see the end of the road.
Tail End Charlie: Are we there yet?
David: Has anyone seen a lone lady cyclist heading our way?
Ed!   Ed!!   Ed!!!    ......   No response.
Lyn: Anyone for more dinner?
Mike: Where is the washing line?
Neale: I did not have sex with that woman!
Gaye:  Too much information!
JB: It's a load of friggin rubbish!
Nigel: I think JB gets a lot of bad press.
Mack: I don't want to be leader anymore.
Annie: Motu's great!!
Pete: I'm not riding on any gravel !!!!
Lesley: I haven't done any driving.
Everyone: Is there any more Anathoth pickle?





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