Wairarapa, 2010

Palmerston North to Nireaha

14 February, 2010

This year's line up of happy tourists ready to depart the Palmerston North Holiday Park
about 7:30 on a somewhat grey morning.

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Susan     Judy    Glen    Steve   JB   Annette    Keith     Graham    David  
(Mack was behind the camera)  








Our first view over the top of the Tararuas, from the summit of the Pahiatua Track.

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We stopped at the Pahiatua Railcar Society headquarters, where a couple of railcars were being restored.
This is RM5, named Mahuhu.

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Pahiatua Railcar Society Website








Some tourists have learned the secret of travelling light.

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Some have not!!!

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Lunchtime at Mangamaire School.

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We disrupted a herd of cows and one took off down the road.
After the farmer had retrieved it, he was still happy to talk to us.

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The bike shed at Nireaha School, where we spent our first night on tour.
Not sure what might have happened behind it.

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Photos: John McK




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