Wairarapa, 2010

Nireaha to Carterton and
Carterton to Silverstream


Nireaha to Carterton

15 February, 2010

Shortly after passing Dreyers Rock (we did not actually find any rock) we had morning
tea while wating for a peleton to pass.  The cyclists we saw were on the Masterton to
Palmerston North stage of a Wellington - Auckland ride.

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Lunchtime at Masterton in Queen Elizabeth Park.

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It was also time for a kip.

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Carterton to Silverstream

16 February, 2010



Annie and Steve are leaving The Waldorf, while Glen and Graham leave The Savoy.

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Building Art in Featherston.

They drink Lion here.     YEAH RIGHT!

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We took the time to have a good look through the Fell Museum at Featherston.

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Our train to Upper Hutt arrives at Featherston from Masterton.

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Wairarapa commuters have a very pleasant way to get to work.

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(This was a late afternoon train heading south and did not have many passengers.  The previous
train south, around the middle of the day, was very well patronised, as were the morning trains
on Saturday when Glen and Mack took a train ride to Wellington and back.)








Our block at the Silverstream Retreat.

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This complex was built in 1941 and occupied by the Americans in 1942.
Then it was used as a geriatric hospital for many years.  We'd come to the right place!!

Silverstream Hospital History






Photos: John McK




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