Wairarapa, 2010

Silverstream to Lake Ferry

17 February, 2010



This was one of the highlight days of our tour - the day we rode

The Rimutaka Incline.

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The first two obstacles were the gates.

But we went under.....

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..... and over.    No worries.

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Then we had our first, and easiest, tunnel - the Pakuratahi.

At the far end of this tunnel there is a ventilation shaft from the
Rimutaka Rail Tunnel that we had travelled through yesterday.

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We crossed old wooden truss bridges....

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......  and rode through lovely railway cuttings.

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And, before we knew it, we had reached Summit Station.

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The info posters have been seriously upgraded since my last visit here in 2004.

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We have now safely negotiated the Summit Tunnel, the longest on the trail at 576 metres.

It's all downhill from here.

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View across the Siberia Gully, with Price's Tunnel in the centre.

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Photographer at work

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Photo: Graham









Getting over the Siberia Washout was an interesting exercise.

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We thought we may have had to unload the bikes to get through here, but careful walking was
all that was required, plus a bit of a push from the rear going up the other side.

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Here's a short clip to give you a feel of the place.









Actually, the hardest part was leaving via the Eastern Access Track.


It was very steep in parts, requiring a push from the rear.

DSC05254-1.JPG (89677 bytes)







And very narrow, with some nasty drops off the left hand side.

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Once out on the road again, David thought it would all be plain sailing
until a loud BANG gave him a sinking feeling.

DSC05256-1.JPG (46608 bytes)

His tube had decided, very noisily, to part company with the valve.









There was a dedicated group of gamblers who regularly played 500
or Diminishing Whist.

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Photos: John McK (unless it wasn't)




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