Wairarapa, 2010

Lake Ferry to Masterton


19 February, 2010


This was our lodgings for the two nights at Lake Ferry.
We had not been looking forward to the prospect of a nor' wester today - it would have been
a hard 80 odd km to Masterton.  However, Hughie was kind and turned on a gentle southerly for us.

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Annie meets one of the locals near Ponatahi.

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Beauty ??!!##@   is in the eye of the beholder.

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Lunchtime on Millars Road.

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Photo: Annette








War Memorial Oak Grove on the outskirts of Masterton.

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Street art in Masterton.

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Saturday was a non-riding day and several tourists had a look at, and listen to,
the highland pipe band competitions in Queen Elizabeth Park.

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Photos: John McK (unless they were not)




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