Wairarapa, 2010

Wanstead to Dannevirke


26 February, 2010


This was a catch-your-breath stop on Nicholls Road about 6km from Lochlea Farmstay.
We had just come up against the steepest hill on the tour.  This assertion is based on the
number of us who had to get off and walk.   We also wanted to look at the range in the distance
hoping to see a way through, rather than over, them.   We could also see rain coming.

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We climbed the range and decided it was time for a snack.  The climb was not too
onerous, but light rain had set in and the temperature had dropped to 12° - quite a
difference from what we had been used to over the last few days.

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Coming around a bend we saw this.
Annie was heard muttering, "Oh @#$!**%, don't say we have to climb that!!".

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We stopped at the corner of Ormondville - Te Uri Road (the one we had been riding on)
and Mangahei Road (the one we were going to ride on) and considered our options.
No one wanted to go back to Porangahau, so we had NO option other than to climb.

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It actually turned out to be not too bad.

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And it gave a nice view back up the valley we had come down.

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And then we were out of the hills and heading to Tararua flat country.

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We arrived in Dannevirke and headed for the nearest café - it had been some time since we had had caffeine.
We attracted the attention of  Christine McKay - who is the Chief Reporter for the Dannevirke News.

She also attracted the attention of JB!!

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Anyway, Christine wrote an article about us.  We made it on to the front page!!!

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Photos: John McK




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