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Hauraki Rail Trail
Paeroa to Te Aroha

5 August, 2012





We returned to Paeroa, and then headed off to Te Aroha.

There were many inundated paddocks along here. 

We used the main road getting to Te Aroha - that's the Rail Trail cutting through the water in the top half of the pic.

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Photo: John








We had lunch in the very picturesque Te Aroha Domain.

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Photo: Ron








Fortunately, most of the seats in the rotunda were dry.

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Photo: Ron








Heading up to the Fountain of Youth.

Hey - this is ACTA!!  Who needs the Fountain of Youth???


This is what the history section of theTe Aroaha Domain website tells us:-
The town of Te Aroha was developing rapidly around this increase in visitors who came "to partake of the remedial waters, both by bathing and by bottle". The waters claimed to cure many common ailments such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, and Gout.

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Photo: John








Annie and John try - unsuccessfully - to get this big swing swinging.

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Photo: Ron









They give up!!   But Susan has seen their plight.

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Photo: Ron








She gets things swinging.  John looks happy.

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Photo: Ron











The ACTA Express is almost ready to depart Te Aroha.   All aboard.

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Photo: Ron








Returning to Paeroa.

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Photo: Ron








Water, water!   Everywhere!!

This panorama looking toward Paeroa.

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Photo: John







And this shot looking back to Te Aroha.

P1020531-001.JPG (187944 bytes)

Photo: Ron









Time to bail out the bales.

We had to ride the road for part of this section as the path was submerged, like this farm race.

P1020533-001.JPG (123486 bytes)

Photo: Ron






And so we returned to Paeroa after a very interesting day for ACTA's first Club ride
on the new Hauraki Rail Trail.

Many thanks to Ron for organising a good day out.




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