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Winter Solstice Weekend 2012


22 - 24 June, 2012




Everyone wanted more stops and less cycling on day two.

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Today's map - a round trip via Manunui to Oruaiwi and back via Ongarue.

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Were they trying to be upright citizens??

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The calendar says winter, but these trees still think it is autumn.

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Even ACTA members have to admit defeat sometimes.

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Returning back down the No-Exit road.

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Usually on trips like this we have at least one road blocked by a flock of sheep.
Garth could not find sheep so he enlisted the help of Mr Sumitomo.

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They must have some keen arborists around here.

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Mangakahu Valley is guarded by a limestone escarpment.

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No afternoon tea for Margaret  ......

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... or retail therapy, either!!

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Ongarue River.

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Along the Main Trunk line between Ongarue and Okahukura.

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Has the rain gone away?

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The Holiday Park put on a mid-winter Xmas Dinner, complete with Yorkshire Pud.

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On the Sunday the tourists drove north to Kopaki to start a circuit through Pureora and Bennydale.

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The Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve lived up to its name.

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Andrew rode  -  the rest walked!!

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3 Happy Chappies.

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Waipahu Station morning tea break.

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More cycling happiness, nearing the Pureora Plateau.

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Far away places with strange sounding names.

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No flat whites, but five varieties of hot pies!

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Only 52 weeks to Solstice Weekend 2013.

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Photos : Ron, Margaret, Andrew.

Captions - mostly - Garth.








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