A message from Stephen Thoms…..

This has been rearranged again. But hopefully, it will work this time. A Dargaville hub tour but with added bits on both ends for the lost Taranaki campers. Hub riders do read the Extended Bit as the first part may be of some interest.

Hub Bit:

Stay in Dargaville for three nights (Fri 27, Sat 28, Sun 29 Nov). Two full days cycling and if in Dargaville early enough on Friday, ride down towards Pouto to meet the extended riders. Maybe also join the extended riders on Monday 30th for some of their ride. 

Accommodation: You need to book your own accommodation. Possibilities are:

The Central Hotel, 18-22 Victoria St, Dargaville, Ph 09 439 8034
1 x twin share – large room – $50.00 per person
3 x double rooms – $80.00 per room – maximum 2 adults per room
5 x single rooms – $60.00 per person
Bathrooms are shared facilities with plenty of hot water. Rooms are supplied with linen including towels and soap. There is a guest lounge with a kettle, toaster and microwave. Within walking distance to the hotel are many cafes that open at 6 am, these are very affordable, but you are most welcome to bring your own breakfast food into the hotel. Crockery and cutlery are provided. The hotel supplies tea, coffee etc. Bikes can be safely stored.

The Northern Wairoa Hotel 70 Victoria Street, Dargaville 09 439 8923.
Rooms for $70- $110. They also have facilities for breakfast/lunch-making and for bike storage.

Dargaville Holiday Park: 10 Onslow Street, Dargaville 0310, 09 439 8296

Dinners: Annette has arranged dinners for Friday and Saturday night. Both are optional but you will be assumed as coming unless you let me know you don’t want to be included!

Friday 27 November: 6.30 pm

Rann Ahaan Thai Aroi Dee 57 Victoria St, Dargaville
2 courses: entree & Main for $25
Pork and chicken wontons
Spring rolls
Curry puffs
Chicken and cashew nuts
Massaman beef curry mild
Pad thai pork
Egg fried rice
Steamed rice
for Vegan suggest stir-fried vegetables with rice
but think best to discuss on the day as some of our dishes can be
made vegan and would not take long to cook one dish

Saturday 28 November: Pub –  6.30 pm (Set Menu attached)

Northern Wairoa Hotel  2 courses, light entree & Main for $35 (with a vegan option).  

Once you have booked your accommodation and decided on dinner then email Annette or Steve to say you are on the Dargaville hub tour, where you are staying and if dining. Even if you have previously stated you want to be on the tour, please do so again. To save confusion we are starting a new list. 

The riding: The possibilities are https://ridewithgps.com/collections/7976?privacy_code=0eMBV5G7WcdzHPzQ. Rides will start from the band rotunda across the road from the Central Hotel @ 8:30 am. 

I am struggling to find sealed roads which are not state highways. No one wants to ride on the Twin Coast Discovery Hwy (main road south of Dargaville), State hwy 14 (main road to Whangarei) or State Hwy 12 (main road north of Dargaville). Most of the lovely country/farm/hill roads are not sealed. My guestimates of gravel are purely that.

As there were originally well over 30 of us, I have planned a few different routes and we can decide on the day, taking the weather into account which routes to do. There will be more than one route each day. Partly because of the number of us, but also because of our personal desires. Individuals can decide on the day, for themselves which route to do. My initial thoughts are two groups, Little Gravelers (ie not too much, but some gravel) & Gravel Eaters (loads of gravel):

Saturday 28th:

Little Gravelers: Dargaville West – 24km gravel with a possible coffee stop at Baylys Beach (Sharkeys). Not a lot of climbing. 

Gravel Eaters: Dargaville North Circular 

Sunday 29th:

Little Gravelers: Dargaville South. 10km gravel. Seal climbing and gravel down. Not a lot of climbing. A possible coffee stop at Mum & Dads.

Gravel Eaters: Dargaville North East Circular or if the weather is good and the previous day has not killed me off,  Dargaville East.

Monday 30th:

For Hub Tour riders on the way home do a ride starting at Ruawai which is 30km south of Dargaville. There is a there and back on the same route. The first 18km is gravel but there are options. Could start from Matakohe (45 km south) and be on seal but there may be logging trucks. and certainly no shoulder. Let’s decide on the day. 

Extended Tour riders will be riding from Dargaville to Tinopai Campground. 

As for coffee shops, or any shops they are few and far between, you need to ensure you have enough of whatever you need at the start of a ride. Bring also your own breakfast and lunch food or buy in Dargaville. There are a couple of bakeries & breakfast places that open at 6.00 am. The hotels have said they will have some fridge storage for us and a place where we can have our own breakfast. You will need to bring lunch and probably morning tea if you need it each day as cafes are not plentiful.

If you have any queries about the rides or routes please get in touch with Steve  sctajc@gmail.com – 0210755735.

Extended Bit:

This is very much tenting and carrying your own food, drink and being self-sufficient. Will be gravel roads and not sure where camping yet. Drifting back to Auckland bit is still under development, but my thoughts are to head south and explore the east side of Kaipara Harbour. And be back in Auckland on the 5th December ready for  ACTA Xmas lunch on 6 December. More a cruisy and explore than a macho ride. As dates etc have had to be reorganised, we will be starting a new list of riders. Please email me again if interested to ensure your name is on the list. Numbers will be limited. 

Tuesday 24th (53km): We cycle from Auckland to Helensville to camp at  Kaipara Cruising Club. Can ride as a group or make your own way there. We will leave at 10 am from the Grandstand (not the bandstand!) in The Domain. Then cruise along the Northwestern through Kumeu towards Helensville. Maybe join us on the way. Dinner in Helensville.

Wednesday 25th (5km) Cycle to catch the ferry @ 11 am to Pouto. Need to be at Kaipara Harbour tours at the end of Springs Rd by 10:30 am. Need $50 cash to pay the ferryman. Arrive Pouto around 2 pm. Ride to Waikaretu Marae for afternoon tea @ 3 pm where we will spend two nights. We sleep on the marae and they supply all dinners, breakfast and lunch. And tea and coffee. Need $120 cash total each for all of this (Do bring a bit more cash in case I have misunderstood something!!). The lovely Ella states she will look after us, and the more the merrier (I have no idea of maximum numbers).

Thursday 26th (0km maybe). Take a buggy tour with Ella’s son Steve to the Lighthouse and see the old shipwrecks and extensive beaches. He can take up to five at a time $50/person (or $40/person if 15 or more). More cash. Also could be guinea pigs for a farm walk. A new idea they are just developing. Have suitable footwear. No idea of cost but it will be beautiful countryside. Lunch at marae but timings etc will be worked out on the day.

Friday 27th (66km). Ride to Dargaville. Hopefully, a packed lunch from marae as not much in between. Maybe a pie at the Postoffice at Te Kopuru (54km). Join Hub Tour. Need to book etc as if on the hub tour. 

Saturday/ Sunday with Hubbers. 

Monday 30th (59km) Ride from Dargaville to Tinopai Campground.

 Tuesday 1st December (34km) Pahi Beach Motor Camp??

Saturday 5th December () Back to your own bed.

Hub Tour Riders Read This

Maximum numbers for the ferry are 60 bikes (including loaded bikes) so if you can arrange transport maybe join the Extended Tour for this bit to Dargaville. Maximum numbers at the marae are not limited. Maybe come two days earlier and join us at the marae. Again make your own transport arrangements but if joining us at the marae you do need to tell me in the email you send after you have booked your Dargaville accommodation. I need to give Ella numbers for catering (whether it’s going to be rabbit, goat, pork or beef). If joining you will need to be staying the two nights. 

Stephen (021 0755 735, sctajc@gmail.com) & Annette (021 257 7365, annette5964@gmaiol.com)

Combined Dargaville Hub Tour (27,28,29 Nov) & Extended Tour (23 Nov – 5 Dec)