Napier to Waipukurau

4 October, 2010


This is not a record of an official ACTA ride.


But, one day Glen had a rush of blood to the head and said to JB, "What say we have
a go at riding Gentle Annie in one day!!!"


A few other members heard about this and said, "Can we come too??""


So it was that 8 set out today from Napier on the first leg of the ride which would
culminate in riding Gentle Annie from West to East - the downhill, tail-wind, right way!!

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The Group ready to leave Kennedy Park in Napier.

Ron, JB, Glen, Steve, Annie, Susan, David, and Mack.

Photo :  Ron








Our elevation chart for the day was not very daunting.

elevation npr to ypuk.jpg (47310 bytes)

Photo :  Bikely











We just had to stop for a photo op when we arrived at the lovely foreshore path.
We rode this for about 6km, until we came to the Ngaruroro River Bridge and had to use the road.

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Photo :  Ron









Very appropriate stop for Ron and Susan.
Jacksons was our first coffee stop - in Havelock North.

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When ACTA arrived in Havelock North in 2008 - a little later in the year -
Annie could not resist cooling off in here.

JB was determined to show us that it was not too cold today.

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Middle Road follows the Tukituki River.

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Seems we can't have a tour without running in to a traffic jam - country style.

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The Tukituki Bridge at Patangata.  Looks like they expect serious water occasionally.

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Lunch stop at the Patangata Pub.

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Photo :  Ron










The bridge was not on the route, but we had to try it out.

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Arty Photo :  Ron










Ruahine Range dominating a pure New Zealand country scene outside Waipawa.

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Kip time at Waipawa.

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Just north of Waipukurau there is this brilliant bike path for a couple of km.

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The time in Auckland, New Zealand is


Perhaps it's time you got back to work -
but only if you have finished looking at ACTA's web pages.






Photos : Mack, unless they were taken by Ron.

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