Waipukurau to Dannevirke

5 October, 2010


Climbing today would involve a bit more than yesterday.

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Photo :  Bikely








Making ready to leave Waipukurau motor camp on a rather chilly morning.

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Photo :  Ron









Glen tried to convince himself that it was not cold.

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Climbing Ngahape Road.

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When we came this way last February, and saw this in front of us, several riders made
remarks that should not be repeated on a family webpage.  But what they boiled down to was :-

"We're not riding up there - are we???  !!!"


P1010542-1.JPG (65934 bytes)










However, the view from "up there" was quite nice.  Spot the cyclists.

P1010548-1.JPG (152386 bytes)











Starting the climb up Mangahei Road.

DSCF0077-2.JPG (77767 bytes)

Photo :  Ron








Here it is in glorious ACTA rama Vision.












The time in Auckland, New Zealand is








Photos : Mack, unless they were taken by Ron.

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