Dannevirke to Feilding

6 October, 2010


Today was a breeze   (especially in the Manawatu Gorge!!).

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Photo :  Bikely








Susan had a little surprise this morning when she discovered this stowaway.
The extra weight was entirely unacceptable!!!    It had to stay behind.

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Photo :  Ron









Dawn Chorus at Dannevirke Camping Ground












Top Grass Road.   This became fun when we formed a rotating pace line.

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Not far to go now for coffee in Woodville.
That may, or may not, be the Waewaepa Range.

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Café 88 offers everything the touring cyclist could possibly want.

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Just before the Manawatu Gorge we met Abbas (hope I got that about right)
who was on his way to Auckland via SH2. 

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Start of the Manawatu Gorge.  Very strong head winds in here.

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The railway line had suffered several slips in the last couple of weeks.

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And the road is supported on stilts.

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There is not much shoulder in many places, and you have to take care.  But you can generally
find a wider bit when you see there is something coming, provided you keep a watch behind you.

Most of the traffic was considerate - and so were we.

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JB had not realised that he was making a statement to inconsiderate drivers.

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Time to re-group at Colyton, between Ashhurst and Feilding.
This was the only time on the ride that there was just a wee sprinkling of rain.

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Photo :  Ron








We were intrigued by this garden and the buildings - especially the house that is
disappearing out the left hand side.  JB liked it so much he had to go and ask the owner
about it.  That ended up with several of our group being taken for a tour of the house.

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This lovely memory of the good ol' days was in the stairwell of the Feilding Hotel.

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Feilding Town Clock

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Speaking of clocks, the time in Auckland, New Zealand is








Photos : Mack, unless they were taken by Ron.

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