Feilding to Taihape

7 October, 2010


Some serious climbing today.

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Photo :  Bikely








The elegant bike garage at the Feilding Hotel.
In a previous life it was the dining room.

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Getting ready to leave Feilding.

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Photo :  Ron












We arrived at Kimbolton - but it was far too early for the café to be open.  JB worked his magic
and Terry, the owner of the local garage - and seemingly having the only business open in Kimbolton
at this time of the day,  invited us to use his lunchroom.

We had to have a group shot - complete with Terry and the Spirit of Kimbolton.
Thank you Terry for your hospitality.

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Photographer takes photo of photographer taking photo of photographer
taking photo of photographer.

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Photo :  Ron










Actually, the one in the field took this shot. 

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After the boring 30 km from Feilding to Kimbolton we got in to YeeeHaaa country.

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The joy of riding your bike.













Plenty of ups and downs here.

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A couple of shots of downtown Rangiwahia.

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Not far from the Rangitikei River Bridge at Mangaweka, in the valley of the
Mangawhahariki River.   Having gone down here, we had to get back up the road on the other side.

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Looking back up the hill.

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Just a hop, step and two jumps from the Mangaweka Bridge.

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Photo :  Ron










Rangitikei River Bridge at Mangaweka.

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Photo :  Ron
















Going up the other side of the Mangawhahariki River.

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Kawhatau River Bridge.

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A favourite view of the Rangitikei River.  Maurice took almost the same shot when
ACTA came through here in 2008.

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Photo :  Ron








The Hautapu River joins the Rangitikei near Utiku.  Immediately after enjoying this scene
there is a really, really steep climb up to SH1.

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The time in Auckland, New Zealand is








Photos : Mack, unless they were taken by Ron.

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