Whangarei to Dargaville

6 November, 2011



The line-up before leaving Whangarei.

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Trish, Marieke, Arnold, David R, Pat, Margaret, Susan, Lesley, Sloop (John B), Ron J, Judy, Di, Ron O, Kit, Steve, Tony, Keith, Ray, John G, JB (John B), David W, Annie, Rambo.

Photo: Tony









Judy on Pipowai Road passing Hikurangi Swamp and Mountain.

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Photo: Margaret










Memorial?  Or simply a decoration.

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Photo: Margaret








The first van driver change.  10km gone, only 615 to go.

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Photo: Tony








Ron O and Rambo obviously enjoying the ride.

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Photo: Tony










Ron J and Judy - a little more sedate, perhaps.

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Photo: Tony









A cheery smile from Keith and a wave from David W.

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Photo: Tony









Judy, with John G in hot pursuit.

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Photo: Tony








Lesley telling the photographer to "Hurry UP!", aided and abetted by Di.

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Photo: Tony











The peleton attacks a hill.

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Photo: Tony












The top is in sight - Annie's smiling.

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Photo: Tony










"Yee Haa - that's that one done!!"   Marieke and Arnold.

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Photo: Tony











Looks like T d F!!    David W leading JB, Keith, Ron O and Pat.

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Photo: Tony










A happy Sloop.

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Photo: Tony









Morning tea at Mangakahia School.

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Photo: Margaret










Parakao has seen better days.

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Photo: Arnold










Karaka Road, the first gravel for this tour.

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Photo: Margaret









Steve, Sloop and Rambo on Tangowahine Valley Road.
Probably discussing where the lunch stop will be.

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Photo: Margaret












It's going to be down here, somewhere.....

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Photo: Ron O










They found a lovely spot on a farm.

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Photo: Margaret











Meanwhile Di was chatting to some of the locals.

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Photo: Ron O









SH14 alongside the Wairoa River not too far away from Dargaville.

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Photo: Margaret









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