Welcome and introduce new members to the group.

Ensure that the rides register has been completed. Subsequent to the ride leader is to email the register to stats@acta.org.nz

Ask for a tail-end, Charlie.

Give a brief description of the route pointing out known hazards, highlights and the likely coffee and lunch spots.

Remind riders to:

  • Ride predictably and to clearly communicate intentions and hazards to the riders around them
  • Obey traffic signals and stop signs
  • If possible bunch up when waiting at intersections rather than string out
  • Wait on corners so others behind don’t get lost

 Point out to riders that “on a ride, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety so make your own assessment, for instance, don’t just follow the rider in front across a busy road assuming it is safe, always look for yourself!”

Ensure that the pace is not too fast for the slowest rider whilst keeping mind the distance and time.

Ride leader to carry a phone, first aid kit and basic repair kit; tail-end Charlie will also need to carry a phone.

Ride Leaders

Print off the Ride Register Form before the ride and get all the riders to complete before starting the ride. At the end of the ride email the completed form to:


Link to ACTA Rides Register Form

ACTA Rides Statistics Form

As from the 1st November 2020 ride leaders should use the online form below to file the ride statistics directly into the ACTA rides statistics database. This will streamline the collection of ride statistics.

Link to the ACTA rides Statistics Database on line form