Ride Register Form

Ride leaders, download your ride register form


Leader: Either yourself or someone on the ride should record the ride and email to routes@acta.org.nz. By doing this, the Ride will be recorded as an ACTA Ride and possibly converted into an ACTA Route.
  1. Save the ride while riding
  2. Share the Ride by:
    1. Share the Ride from within the RideWithGPS app. After saving the ride, then select Share via email from the three vertical dots. If sharing from Ride with GPS   website, select Rides – then the ride, then share using email. – OR
    2. Export the ride from whatever app you recorded it in, as a file in a ‘.fit’ (best) or ‘.tcx’ format.
    3. Email the Ride to routes@acta.org.nz
  3. If you have Route Manager RideWithGPS access (or aspire for such) Click Here


Below is the new rides List. This was up to date on the 8 October 2019 and any changes made to the list from that date will not be reflected in the list. Please refer to the Calendar for an up to date list.

Rides List – October to December 2019

In calendar – Click on event below for more detail.

The Clubs Google Calendar below can be included within your own calendar. This will allow you to have all of the clubs rides shown within your own calendar.

Instructions on how to do this can be found in the members only section in the general information to members.