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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Omarama to Tarras

20 February, 2006



The loneliness of the long distance touring cyclist.
Not far south of Omarama on the way to the Lindis Pass.

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The rewards for   the long distance touring cyclist.
Early morning sun on the hills : nature pretending it is Grahame Sydney.

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Punctures: the bane of the long distance touring cyclist.
Lesley discovered that all she had to do was wait for Bryan to catch up
and her puncture was magically fixed by the wizard of bike repairs.

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Lesley and Cathy on the approach to the Lindis.

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Lindis Pass.

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Munchy time at the top.  There are two more cyclists on the last bend.

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The southern side of the Lindis.  The start of 15 km of yeeeha! downhill.

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A belated rest spot at the end of the aforementioned yeeeha!

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Happy hour at Tarras.  Peter is probably doing a Banjo Paterson poem for us.

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Another view.   We were happy houring while our dinner was being cooked
for us by our wonderful hosts.

We were staying in sheep shearers' quarters which are used only a couple
of times each year for their prime purpose.  For the rest of the year they make for
good back packer accommodation a couple of km away from downtown Tarras.

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Rinny is calculating how much we all need to put in to pay for our tucker.







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