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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Wanaka to Makarora

23 February, 2006



Lake Hawea near The Neck.

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Looking back along Lake Hawea.

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This is just before the road heads over to Lake Wanaka.

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Tony climbs up from Lake Hawea....

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....passes The Neck....

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....and drops down to Lake Wanaka.

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Observant viewers will notice that Tony has no panniers.
He has developed the fine art of travelling very light.
At least he has got a cup hanging from his saddle bag.
I don't know how he puts up with the extra weight.   :-)






Nice to see the Newmans bus giving Peter plenty of clearance.

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Peter and Rinny enjoying the late afternoon sunshine at Makarora.

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With many of our group having to leave us at Wanaka, our happy hour numbers
were somewhat reduced.     We felt sorry for them, having to be back in
"civilisation", while we enjoyed the wilderness.

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