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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Jacobs River to Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers

26 & 27 February, 2006



Before leaving Jacob's River, Pat was having a bit of a problem
getting a photo of the local pony.

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The first of several suspension bridges we crossed.
This one is on the Karangarua River.

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On the road up to the Fox Glacier.

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Fox Glacier.

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Happy hour at Fox.    We've been contemplating those wet looking
mounains behind us.  Tomorrow's forecast isn't great.

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The forecaster got it right!   The 25 km from Fox to Franz Josef was very,
very wet.   At Franz Josef some of the group were at the YHA (very nice) and
four of us were at the Rainforest Retreat.  It lived up to its name.


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The view from the front door of our little cabin.  Wherever we wanted to
go we had to get across this slushy yard.

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Some of us went to town for a coffee during a break in the rain.

But the rain came back!

Must say that the coffee was very nice, though.

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The rain stopped during the night and we were treated to a glorious
morning the next day.  However, you will need to go to the next page to see it.   :-)






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