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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Franz Josef to Harihari

28 February, 2006



Yesterday the weather was YUK!

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This morning everything had changed.
We could smile again.

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The choppers started about 7:15 a.m., obviously making up for
all the lost time from the day before.





Franz Joseph Glacier.

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Go back to the above photo and check out the people climbing
the face to get some idea of the size of the glacier.

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Close up, the glacier looks very inhospitable.

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Lunchtime at Lake Wahapo.

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Photo Pat






One of our more auspicious Happy Hours: it was Peter's birthday.
Bryan and Rinny cooked up some delicious whitebait fritters, which we
polished off with a beer, or two.   Then we took an easy stroll over to
the pub for a roast dinner to help Peter celebrate.

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Photos, unless otherwise credited, John McK

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