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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Greymouth to Arthur's Pass

4 March, 2006





At Aickens, heading to the Otira Gorge and Arthur's Pass.

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Photo Bryan






The climbing is now becoming more serious, as we get closer to Otira.

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The shelter on the left keeps rock slides off the road,
and the next one carries a small waterfall over the road.

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The climbing here was very serious - we were walking.

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Had to walk up the viaduct, too.

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The viaduct cuts out some delightful hairpin bends.  The remains of the old
road can be seen near the base of the power pylon in the centre of the photo.  

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Even though the signs clearly said, "DO NOT FEED THE KEA", there were
still people offering them food.   One of them took a decided interest in Bryan's front tyre
until it was told, rather unceremoniously, where to go.  These ones were interested
in the car's plastic fitings.

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Bryan pushes his bike the final few metres to the summit.

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At this point Sir Ed's famous words came to mind.

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Photos, unless otherwise credited, John McK

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