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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2006

Arthur's Pass to Springfield and Christchurch

5 & 6 March, 2006





Bealey River.

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North Island scenery is picturesque   -  in the South Island it's spectacular.

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Lake Pearson.

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Wonder what's over the top?

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Although higher than Arthur's Pass, Porters is not hard to climb -
especially with the tail wind we had pushing us up.

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It could be a different story if you were travelling east to west.  That's
the pass on the right and the hill gave us about 8 km of lovely coasting. 

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Our final stay together at Smylie's YHA in Springfield - a good place to stay.  

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On the last day Bryan rode to Rangiora, to catch the train to
Picton the following day, and John returned to Chrictchurch.

If you are ever going through Darfield, make sure you stop at
the Darfield Bakery.   Yum food and great coffee.

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Brighton Beach.

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Leaving Christchurch.  That's Rangiora below and, in the middle distance,
the Waimakariri River ends its journey to the sea.

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And so, like the Waimak, we too have ended our journey  -  roll on 2007.

Thanks to Peter and Rinny for the great organisation of this tour
and to every one for being so great to cycle with.






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