ACTA events and vaccination

There are several reasons why our club should treat Covid 19 with special caution. These are:
1) Most of us are at an age (60 – 80 years) when infection sometimes leads to severe illness. Younger people with Covid are less likely to become very unwell.
2) During our cafe visits, we sit close together, don’t wear masks, and shout at each other to be heard above the hubbub of conversation. This behavior will allow ready transmission of the virus if one of us is carrying it.
3) Some in our group may have medical reasons why they cannot be vaccinated, or have pre-existing conditions which make viral infection especially risky. 
Therefore the Committee expects that everyone attending ACTA weekly rides, tours, and social events will be fully vaccinated (two japs). Please don’t plan to join our events without full vaccination.
Any member who has a medical reason for remaining unvaccinated, and who wishes to join one of our events, please first discuss with Annette Collins 021 2577365.