Winter Solstice Tour

20 June to 22 June, 2014

Page Two - Saturday


Ron's GPS Map





This was going to be a coffee free day, but at the junction of Three Mile Bush Road and Pipiwai Road - at Ruatangata -
the coffee radar detected caffeine at Ruatangata Motors.

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Should we weaken, and have some??

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Yes!! Actually, Garth was very popular when we found coffee at Ruatangata.
Alas, the barista was not so pleased to see our 12 smiling faces

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And now a word from our sponsor.

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Ron Jackson Productions (no relation to Peter of the same name) records the set up
at Wright and Pipiwai.

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The sign was just TOO tempting.
Andrew and Garth running through the safety briefing.

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Andrew does some great action shots as he does his stunt man stand in stuff for Tom - or was it Leonardo.

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Wright Road.  You'll have to ask Paul what he was pointing at.
Maybe he was telling Louise he wanted some banana.

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The result of riding Wright Road.
Margaret won the award for the best drink bottle after riding through Wright Road slush.

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Lunch at Mangakahia Area School, Titoki.

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Louise riding the 'wave' sculpture' near the Whangarei town basin.

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Back at Whangarei it was time to check out the new Lower Bridge
at the Town Basin.

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