Firstly it is wonderful to have members make the effort to photograph and write brief notes about tours and trips for others to see – for those that went to reminisce, for those that didn’t to see what they missed and consider participating in the future.

Here are some easy guidelines to help editors post them to our site –

  • Generally lots of pictures are the best way to describe the cycling, the general area visited and not to forget of course the social aspects. 
  • Email your report as an attached word document with the location of the pictures clearly marked.  For example “picture 1 here” etc. 
  • Attach the photos to the email. If there are to many photos send them separately with instructions of where they are to go in your report. Do not imbed them into the document you have created.
  • Alternatively email your report separated for each day of the tour. Include the words [as imbedded text or attached *.doc or *.txt] plus attach the photos for the day.
  • Send your report to any of these 3 people

Sarah Ley-Bucherer

Lyn Jobbins

Carol Gilbertson

  • Trip reports are best separated into days where the headers describes;
    • the day and date
    • the route
    • the kilometers ridden.
    •  e.g. “Day 1, Friday 13th, Rotorua to Blue Lakes and return loop route 50km”. 
  • If you have one picture that best conveys the tour or trip – let us know which one you would like to have highlighted.
  • If you want to add a map – send it as a jpeg picture or a link.

As this is a new venture we are very much in the learning stage of posting information so please bear with us as we take small steps to create an awesome source of searchable information for you all to enjoy.

Thanks from Sarah, Lyn and Carol